2019 United Democratic Women of Maryland, 

United Democratic Women of Maryland
Application for Membership
Mail-in Application (Print-Complete-Mail with Check)


Application is hereby made for membership in the United Democratic Women of Maryland.


I am a registered Democrat in the State of Maryland.


Name: _________________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________




County: _______________________________


Phone Numbers: (H)_______________________ (W) _______________________ ( C )____________________________


Email: __________________________________________


Local Democratic Clubs to which you belong (if any:) ____________________________________________________________________



Have you ever been a member of a Central Committee? __________  County and Date(s)? ________________________


Signature: __________________________________________ Date: __________________


Annual Dues: $20 ($10 Young Dems or if joining after June 30th)     __________

Additional donation to UDW-MD                                                             ___________

Total enclosed:                                                                                         ___________


Make checks payable to UDW-MD and mail application and check to :


          Jody Oliver

          635 Arundel Street

          Cumberland, MD  21502


   Authorized by the United Democratic Women of Maryland, Jody Oliver, Treasurer